Moving Up

Is your home getting a bit too small for your growing family or have you found yourself in a financial position to afford you a larger home? Regardless why you’re thinking of making an address change, moving from one home doesn’t have to be too stressful. Our Realtors® will carefully review the market conditions and provide you with a comprehensive Comparative Market Evaluation to let you know what you should expect to sell your current home for. Once the price of your home is determined, they’ll arrange for you to view homes that are in your desired area and price range. The PureRealty sales rep will then provide you with a “Market Assessment” and marketing recommendation; a detailed plan on the best way to make your move a success. The Market Assessment takes into account the type of market being experienced in your specific area. Is it a Sellers market, or are you experience more of a Buyers market?  It will also touch base on the length of time it’s currently taking to sell similar homes in your area plus the most recent listing to sales price ratios. Marketing recommendations are customized for your unique circumstances. Once everything is assessed, a moving plan is put into motion. “Working hard to make your move easy” is exactly what we do best!     

Sizing Down

Is it time to move into something a bit smaller? If yes then you’ve come to the right place! Give us a call and one of our highly trained Sales Representatives will be more than happy to sit down with you and work out your perfect move. We’ll formulate a plan to get you organized allowing your home to show the best it can, assist you with disposing of unwanted furniture and appliances plus help you present your home in the best possible fashion.  We have Stagers, Movers, Handy Men & Contractors just a phone call away. Wondering if you should do a few renovations prior to selling? We can definitely give you an idea on what your return on investment will be. If you plan on buying again, we’ll make sure your purchase and sale are well coordinated. If you’re moving into rental accommodations, we’ll do our best to make your move as stress free as possible. Making your Real Estate transaction as easy for you as possible is what we love doing! If you’re over 65, make sure you check out our Senior discount and services below! 

First Time Home Buyers

There’s nothing more exciting than buying your first home. Not only will it be the largest purchase that you’ve probably ever made to date, it could very well be the place you’ll be calling home for many years to come. As a first time homebuyer you need a Realtor® to not only guide you towards your perfect house, you need a trusted professional to make sure that you’re well represented every step of the way. PureRealty makes sure that all of their Realtors® have the tools, training and ability to make your home buying experience the best it could ever be.   

Estate Sales

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy and when there’s real estate involved, it can make the process even more difficult. If you’re the Executor of a Will and need sound real estate guidance, we offer a “free, no-obligation” Estate consultation. It’s always our goal to make every real estate transaction that we’re involved with as easy as possible for the consumers who depend on us. It’s not unusual for Executors to have to not only deal with the sale of a home, but to also have to make decisions around the furniture and personal possessions in the home. We work with Estate Auctioneers and local charities that can assist if need be.   

Senior Program

Every day is Seniors Day at PureRealty Brokerage!  Regardless if you’re purchasing another property or moving into a rental unit, not only do you get our incredible PureRealty marketing and service guarantee, you only pay 4% total commission! Our Senior Program also includes assistance with staging, organizing, decluttering and garbage removal. But, wait a minute…it gets better! If you purchase another property with your PureRealty Realtor® you’ll receive a rebate of $400.00** (** terms and conditions apply)  

Separations and Divorce

We never really know what tomorrow will bring and if you find yourself facing a separation or divorce, we can help you make the best of the situation and hopefully ease some of the stress you might be facing.  We’ll start by providing you with a comprehensive Comparative Market Evaluation to determine the fair market value of your matrimonial home along with a “moving plan” that can make the transition for all parties as easy as possible. We take our clients privacy seriously, and have decades of experience in dealing with delicate and confidential situations. Regardless if it’s an amicable separation or a  War of the Roses, our communication and negotiation skills will go along way in making the sale of your property as stress free as possible for all parties involved.

Small Multi-Residential

Buying a small multi-residential building can be extremely rewarding, but unlike single family residential properties, multi-residential properties take a certain level of Realtor® experience and knowledge in real estate investing, financing, insurance, tenant regulations, zoning by-laws and various building codes. At PureRealty we take pride in connecting our Clients with investment properties best suited to their particular needs. We keep abreast of zoning/planning changes and chatter at Hamilton City Hall that may have an impact on our investors purchases or current real estate investment portfolios. We also keep abreast of the latest changes to the Ontario Tenancy Act. Let us know exactly what you’re look for and we’ll work hard to find you the perfect fit.   

Small Businesses

Looking to buy or sell a small business? We are equipped to help you whether it be lining up a buyer and seller for a share purchase agreement ultimately prepared by your lawyer, or assisting you with the necessary steps towards a successful asset purchase or sale. There are a lot of moving parts to any business: balance sheets, financial statements, inventory, contracts, leases, accounts receivables, accounts payables. Call us for more details.

Residential Leasing

We provide both Listing services and Tenant Representation for residential leases in the Hamilton area.  

Small Commercial Leasing


Cleaning Services

PureRealty Brokerage values its relationships with our service providers. Over the years we’ve established a list of cleaning companies that we’re more than happy to refer our clients to. Whether you need your home professionally cleaned before you list it or move in or out of it, hiring a reputable cleaner will make sure you’re getting good value for your dollar. 

Moving Services

Buyers and Sellers are often faced with scrambling for assistance in moving, especially if their closing day is on a popular closing day- i.e.) June 30th. Hamilton has many reputable moving companies and we’re pleased to share the names of the ones that we’ve received excellent feedback on from our clients. The last thing we want to do is leave our clients trying to hunt down a reputable mover just to accommodate a particular closing date. With decades of experience we know extra care is needed when our Clients are considering particular closing dates. Our goal is to ensure that our clients don’t face unnecessary stress at any stage of the home selling or buying process.    

Staging Services
Auctions and Donations